Under the terms of your employment contract, you were enrolled into the DC Section from your first day of employment. This is often referred to as Automatic Enrolment.

What you need to decide

There are a number of choices you need to make; we have listed these below along with links to other pages in this website that can provide you with more information.

Each year you will be able to view online an Annual Benefit Statement. This is a very important document and gives you current information on the amount contributed by you or on your behalf in the preceding 12 months together with the current and estimated value of your Personal Account and the benefits it could provide you on retirement.

If you regularly review your investment choices and retirement planning, either by yourself or with a financial adviser, then the Annual Benefit Statement will assist you with such matters. Within the Document library you will find the Member Booklet and the Investment Guide. Both these documents contain further detail to help you make the most of your DC Section membership