Selecting the right investment strategy is a very important decision. You should also refer to the Investment Guide which can be found in the Document Library.

Before making any financial decisions, including which funds are right for you, you may wish to seek the appropriate independent financial advice. If you do not have a financial adviser details of those near to you can be found at

You have a number of different funds you can choose to invest in, which are explained in the Investment Guide. You can download a copy of the guide from the Document library.

If you do not make an active choice, you will be automatically invested in the Multi-asset Lifestyle Profile.

Below is a summary of the choices available to you.

You can view or download the latest Market Commentary from Hymans Robertson, our DC Section Investment Consultant from the Document Library.

Our i-Investor tool is also available to help you understand the risk involved in different investment options.

Finally, if you have made a decision about your investment choices and would like to change the funds you are invested in at any time, complete the 'Investment Change Form' which can be downloaded from the Document library.