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Annual Benefit Statements

Each year we send you an Annual Benefit Statement. This includes the value of your Personal Account as at now (April). You will no doubt be aware that the current COVID-19 epidemic has negatively impacted the global investment markets – you can see a commentary on the current markets from our DC Section Investment Consultant, Hymans Robertson here. Whilst you will not receive your Benefit Statement until later in the year, at which time the situation may be quite different, your Statement will reflect the position now (April). 

We would like to remind members that your pension is a long term investment and therefore short term downturns in the market are not necessarily something to be immediately concerned about. In fact if you invest using one of our three Lifestyle Profiles and are nearing your Selected Retirement Age (SRA), the automatic fund switching is designed to help protect you from some of these market fluctuations.

Remember: You can see the current value of your Personal Account at any time by logging into My Account – the secure member area of this website. You can also check the personal details we hold for you including your all-important SRA.